Batman Arkham Knight

Platforms: PC, PS4, Xbox One

Batman Arkham Knight is the title of the new Rocksteady game, DC Comics and Warner Bros. Interactive. Arkham Knight is expected in the summer of 2015 and will be available for PC, Playstation 4 and Xbox One.

Among the novelties of this year, we will have a much greater Gotham City and the opportunity to drive the Batmobile on city streets.

It will be the 4th game of the series Batman Arkham and in terms of the script, it will be a sequel of the 2011 Batman: Arkham City. Scarecrow will be the main enemy of the game, he managed to shake the city’s most infamous outlaw to destroy Batman: Penguin, Two Face and Harley Quinn.


WWE 2K16

Platforms: PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360

WWE 2K16 will be released for PlayStation 4 PlayStation 3, Xbox and Xbox 360. The game will be distributed by 2K Games and will hit store shelves on October 27, 2015.

Top athletes have already been announced: Daniel Bryan, Finn Balor, Dean Ambrose, Paige, Bad News Barrett and Seth Rollins.

WWE 2K16 is developed by Yuke, in collaboration with Visual Concepts.


Widelands (download)

Platform: PC

Widelands is a free, open source game, that can be downloaded and played as singleplayer or multiplayer. The game is developed by an online community that actively improves it.
Widelands is inspired from the game Settlers II, just as things evolved and developed into a more complex product than that made by BlueByte.

For fans of classic strategy games, Widelands 1.8 158 Mb and has system requirements to run on almost any PC.

Widelands Full Download


Hitman 2015

Platforms: PC, PS4, Xbox One

Square Enix announced a new Hitman game, that will be released in December 2015 for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. It seems that the new Hitman game will have episodic launches, some content will arrive in 2016.

The new game is a reboot of the series, is a game distributed only through digital environment. Playstation 4 users will have access to a beta session, that will include six missions. Virtually every mission will be a contract.

The main character will be Agent 47 who, through the Contract Agency, will have to beat targets across the planet to outmaneuver a conspiracy at the highest level.

Actor David Bateson has confirmed he will be behind the voice of the main character.


Fire Quest

Platforms: Android, iOS

Fire Quest is a project developed by GeekMe5, that should have been released in April 2015. Fire Quest is in development for over 2 years, built using Unity3D graphics engine. The game will be available for Android and iOS, as other platforms will be taken into account later.

Production started from a group of fans of League of Legends, who have proposed to improve every aspect of a MOBA game. From the point of view of the scenario, we will have some survivors of an apocalyptic event, which were sent back to the stone age. The tribe will have to survive attacks, volcanic eruptions and wild animals.

Until now, for Fire Quest there were announced a Training Mode, PvP, TVT (vs. Tribe Tribe: approx. 4 hours), Contest Mode and more.


Minions Paradise

Platforms: Android, iOS

Minions Paradise is a new game for mobile devices, which will be released this summer. Electronic Arts Inc., Illumination Entertainment and Universal Partnerships & Licensing signed a partnership that allows American publisher to launch a series of gaming franchises owned by Universal.

Minions Paradise will bring in a new setting in which we have the opportunity to develop a true tropical paradise. Phil, a new minion, will bring to life an utopian world, designed and conceived by creatures who have succeeded in destroying (inadvertently) the most prominent villains. It seems that the plan includes water slides, dangerous fish and bananas.

On July 10 The Minions – the movie will be released, which will be a spin-off of the series Despicable Me.


FIFA 16 (FIFA 2016)

Platforms: PC, PS3, Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS4

Electronic Arts announced the new FIFA game series, which will be released in September 2015. So far we know that FIFA 16 will include the following women’s soccer Nationals: Germany, USA, France, England, Brazil, Canada, Australia, Spain China, Italy and Spain. Also, there were announced new in-game animations and 3D modeling of athletes.

Although not officially announced, we expect that FIFA 2016 will be available for PC, PS3, Xbox 360, Playstation 4 and Xbox One.

An official of Electronic Arts has confirmed that FIFA will not be for Wii, PlayStation Vita and Nintendo 3DS.

This will be the first FIFA game that since 2000 will not be released on any Nintendo platform.



Ghost Recon Wildlands

Platform: PC, Xbox One, PS4

Ghost Recon Wildlands is a new shooter from Ubisoft that will be released for PC, Xbox and PlayStation 4. Recon Wildlands One will be a third-person shooter with the action taking place in an open-zone area in Bolivia.

Players will have to face a cartel in the town of Santa Blanca and will be able to use vehicles and drones to complete missions. The team will have four members, missions being played single player or co-op multiplayer for four players.

Ghost Recon Wildlands is made using a new graphics engine developed by Ubisoft Paris.

The classic Xbox 360 games that you won’t play on Xbox One

Xbox chief Phil Spencer talked about backward compatibility that is possible by running an Xbox 360 emulation.

“The approach that we’ve taken is to actually emulate the full Xbox 360 hardware layer. So the [operating system] for the 360 is actually running when you run the game.

“If you watch the game’s boot you’ll see the Xbox 360 boot animation come up. From a performance standpoint it allows [emulation] to work. We’re able to get frame by frame performance equivalents.”

When the emulation is running, Xbox Live is led to believe that the user is on a 360, the quirk led many who have Spencer as a friend on Xbox One to think he was using the old hardware.

“People have been asking ‘hey, why are you playing Mass Effect on the 360?,’ I was actually playing on the Xbox One,” Spencer said.

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Electronic Arts surprised us at E3 2015 with Unravel

We all expected the Electronic Arts E3 2015 to submit their annual series, such as sports or Need for Speed simulation and major titles expected this year, as Star Wars: Battlefront. And, not surprisingly, none of these titles have been absent from the scene by EA; however, the publisher managed to take us by surprise with an announcement that no one foresaw.

It’s unravel, the new project of the small independent studio Coldwood Interactive. In Unravel, we are dealing with an interesting concept: players will have the opportunity to control Yarni, a creature made of thread, which will have to use her abilities to solve puzzles and to complete the adventure. Visibly excited, Martin Sahlin, the game’s creative director explained how he got the idea to create Yarni.

“I wanted to make something more personal, something with more impact. The game didn’t have to change the world, or even try, but it had to be genuine, it had to have a deeper meaning. It had to have heart.”

Don’t miss the official trailer of Unravel:

Unravel is in production for PC, PS4 and Xbox One, without revealing the exact release date yet.

More on this lovely game on the official site: